I took a trip out to the country for the sweet birth of this little boy! It was great spending time with these midwives (June was at my youngest's birth and Mandy is such a sweet midwife) and I was excited to work for this amazing family. Mama is a photographer and had dreamt up a truly beautiful space to labor alongside her loving husband and sweet girls. I've never seen flowers in the tub! Their farm was the perfect place for a quiet home birth. They had a very long day but their faith and strength were unwavering. Welcome to the world, golden boy! 

Midwife June Lamphier listening to baby's perfect little heartbeat

Mama and her rock

A devoted husband praying over his wife

Sweet sisters putting flowers in the tub for Mommy

Midwife Mandy Toavs (and the chickens) checking in

Mommy had such amazing support from her family...

Even the kitties were keeping close

Happy birthday, little one!

Big sis gets a good look at her new brother 

And baby gets a good look at his beautiful mama :')

And then they really fell in love!

Look at all the love I was born into! 

Kisses from the little sis

Daddy weighs him - 8lbs and 1oz

Herbal first bath


I was so honored to photograph the swift and joyful home birth of this little brother in the middle of the night. His sweet, soft-spoken mama and I met through midwife Brielle Epstein and we had some fun outings getting our children together and getting to know each other. I have a feeling we will be friends for a long time now! When I got the call to come to their home at midnight on baby's due date, it sounded like labor had progressed quickly. I was lucky to arrive when I did, just a short hour from his arrival and no time for the waiting birth pool! With gentle guidance from Brielle, Elias was born quickly and peacefully into loving arms surrounded by family. I am so blessed to be a part of one of their most proud and divine moments. From the love I have witnessed here, I think right now is an excellent time to be a baby in the world!